About Us

Meet some of our team! Margaret Rabbitt (top right), our SafeSolutions director with our CEO, Keith Thode, and Jodi Lea Rothwell, director of Strategic Programs.

Meet some of our team! SafeSolutions Director Margaret Rabbitt (top left), CEO Keith Thode, and Jodi Lea Rothwell (bottom left), director of Strategic Programs.

AdvanceNet Labs is an international social sector technology organization with headquarters in Dallas, Texas USA. This innovative NGO develops platforms to unlock the private sector’s capacity to profitably engage in the social sector, empowering transformational change for the less fortunate and those in crisis.

Our social sector efforts tend to address problems at small-scale, close to the beneficiaries we are called to serve.  While this creates intimacy with the underserved, it means often they are not effective at operating at the scale of the private sector or marshaling those resources that require critical mass to acquire.

By taking advantage of existing technologies, training, other assets and opportunities, we can:

  • Leverage technology in new and exciting ways to solve some of our most difficult social challenges

  • Unpack human potential in millions of disadvantaged people – enabling them to contribute to their communities and to the business community

  • Create a positive spiral of value-creation, transforming our approach to providing opportunity to the underserved and empowering our whole community

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