Why we do it

I often get asked, “What made you decide to leave the corporate technology world to develop and deploy solutions for the social sector like the SafeNight app? Wouldn’t your life be easier if you took a safer and more financially lucrative path?” The answer is efficiently summed up by my fellow (and in fact the founding) Social Venture Partner – Paul Shoemaker. Paul’s book of the same name would tell you it is my “Can’t Not Do“. For me, our team and our collaborators, it’s a matter of not being able to stand on the sidelines. We know we can do something to bring about large-scale change and unlock our community’s potential to provide hope and empowerment to the hurting and disenfranchised.

We also get to play a role in unlocking other people’s potential as a force for good. We help them, as another Paul (the Apostle) wrote, “to do the good works God has laid out in advance for us to do.” We help Caravan Studios, another nonprofit with amazingly intelligent and compassionate people, bring solutions like SafeNight into communities as a force for good. We help shelters to be able to say “Yes” when someone in crisis calls. We reach well-meaning people who want to make a difference and give them that opportunity – all from their smartphone.

When your SafeNight app pings you and lets you know – “We have an emergency need – a victim and her children are in a violent situation and the shelter cannot take them. Will you pay for a hotel room so they don’t have to try and survive another night of terror?”

Well, for our SafeNight donors, meeting that need for rescue becomes their “Can’t Not Do”.

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