AdvanceNet Labs Presents at Adult Education Annual Conference

It was a real pleasure to attend my first Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) conference in Denver on April 21-23, 2015. Thanks to our good friends and partner, DeltaLINC, in Monroe, LA, we were able to give a presentation at the conference, garnering several enthusiastic interested potential partners from the adult education world. Our presentation was entitled “The Education Empowerment Marketplace: Connecting the Dots Between Technology, Education and Employment” and was co-presented by Kaye Sharbono, Director of DeltaLINC, and Scott Fast, former Executive Director, Accenture Foundation. Vickie Wheelis from DeltaLINC also participated, expressing how much their students have benefited by the programs we have launched there with funding from Accenture.

In addition to the presentation, I was able to attend several interesting sessions related to the work we are doing in the education space, including one on grit — the determination required of the students who have the most successful outcomes — and a particularly interesting one on 21st Century Skills and the Employability Skills Framework.

Attending the conference was very informative and gave us great networking opportunities to expand our contacts in this arena. The COABE 2016 conference will be held in Dallas.

2015-04-23 13.33.032015-04-21 18.00.43

IMG_32082015-04-22 17.19.47

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