Students learn about jobs in technology-driven organizations at the Student Summit in Brno, Czech Republic

Participants at the Student Summit

Participants of the Student Summit in Brno, Czech Republic.

AT&T employees and our Czech National working for Epitec in Dallas gave the students an action-packed session! Students learned more about AT&T and jobs in a technology-driven organization. The Brno team, lead by Ladislav Venc, Manager of Global Resourcing Operations at AT&T, provided students with expert CV review, conducted intensive practice interviews, and shared their career experiences in detail and explained what it took to be successful in a technology-driven organization.

The Student Summit in Brno, Czech Republic is part of our AdvanceNet Labs Centers of Excellence program where students learn professional and targeted technical skills online via our Empowerment Marketplace and then participate in intensive in-person sessions with industry leaders, in a professional setting.

The Telepresence session of the Student Summit gave students the opportunity to experience and interact in a teleconferenced international business meeting at a world-class company with business professionals in other locations and cultures.

The biggest takeaways students had from the Telepresence session were how important it is to be a good and effective team member as well as the amazing opportunities gained from working in international world-class technology companies.

“It’s me František from the Brno workshop! First of all I’d like to say thanks to you and everyone who organized this amazing experience for students such as myself. […] I can’t help it but to end this email with a huge thank you. That workshop was one of the best hands on experiences in work environment that I’ve ever had. It was very inspiring!”

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